LocaLoqa User Guide

Sign-Up For LocaLoqa User Account


  1. Fill in e-mail address, and click “Used?” to check if the e-mail has already used by existing registered user
  2. Fill in a postal address, or a location specification that can be identified (by Google Map) as an exact location with ROOFTOP accuracy. Following two pictures show how to click “Check” and get confirmation on the location accuracy, and the accepted location with latitude longitude information and a map snippet of the given location.
  3. Fill in your chosen user/account name, and click “Used?” to check if the given user/account name is already in use by other registered user. Note that user/account name must be at least 6 characters in length.
  4. Key in the four letters security code shown at the right, with exact (upper) case.


With all information checked out, you then click the “SIGN UP” button, and LocaLoqa will proceed to process your registration request, with a pull-down section showing confirmation information like:


You should then check the inbox and spams of the e-mail address used in your registration, locate your LocaLoqa registration confirmation e-mail, and click to activate your new LocaLoqa user account.


Login To LocaLoqa

Go to https://localoqa.com and see top portion screen:

Screenshot-2017-10-12 LocaLoqa Q A Map

Or go to one of the LocaLoqa white label site, e.g. https://localoqa.com/@Traffic%$20Shortcuts (for white label “Traffic Shortcuts”):

Screenshot-2017-10-12 Traffic Shortcuts LocaLoqa Q A Map

and then select the Login menu item, or simply scroll down on the screen to the Login section. Fill in your LocaLoqa user name, or the email address that was used to sign-up your account, and key-in the account password.


And then click the registered user login line, as:


If you’ve forgot your account password, simply click the padlock icon to request for password retrieval:


You may also access LocaLoqa without login as a registered user, instead you can visit LocaLoqa as a guest, by clicking on the guest login line:


Once you’re in LocaLoqa, by default you’ll see the map mode display.

Map Display Mode


  1. Expand/Collapse the box to key-in an map address to shift to, or to get the reverse geocoded address of the location pointed to by the location pointer PP_ani_java
  2. Current white label logo – Link to the LocaLoqa web page of current white label
  3. LocaLoqa logo – Link to the default LocaLoqa web page
  4. Current login user logo (or “guest” if not login as registered user)
  5. List icon – Link to switch to List Mode Display
  6. Click to activate the location pointer PP_ani_java(i.e. show it on the map)
  7. Map icon – Link to the Map Mode Display (i.e. reload Map Mode Display)
  8. Reload icon, click to re-scan questions in current scan area
  9. User account setting icon, check to display user account setting section
  10. “See WLs” checkbox, check to see all the white label base (question) in current scan area
  11. “See All” checkbox, check to see all questions in the current scan area, regardless which white label it belongs to, or if it does not belongs to any white label. I.e. see all questions in current scan area.
  12. The boundary box of current scan area
  13. The label box of a question in current scan area. Click the label box (or the question’s icon) to display the question content panel
  14. The location pointer, use it to identify a location for reverse geocoding, or use it to specify the location to for a new question to be placed
  15. User base location icon, click to shift map to be centered at the user base location. Unavailable if not under login with registered user account
  16. White label base location icon, click to shift map to be centered at the white label base location. Unavailable if not in white label LocaLoqa session
  17. GPS location icon, click to shift map to be centered at detected GPS location. Dimmed if GPS information not available
  18. Scan radius selection list, select a radius to change the scan area scope
  19. Question category selection list, select one category or all categories for the scanning and retrieval of matching questions in current scan area
  20. “Add Question” button, click to switch to the new question creation panel


Add New Question In Map Mode Display


  1. Set location pointer PP_ani_javaat location to place the new question
  2. Select the new question category
  3. Set the new question title
  4. Set the new question details
  5. Set the new question expiry time frame
  6. Click “Add The Question” button to create the new question and place it at the given location


List Display Mode


Multiple Question Title Listing


  1. Filter question listing by question age
  2. Filter question listing by question’s answer count
  3. Set question scan area radius (with scan area center inherited from the Map Mode Display)
  4. Show newest question first
  5. Show oldest question first
  6. Show only Mine questions
  7. Show only questions from others
  8. Show questions of any owner’s
  9. Show questions of selected category or all categories
  10. Check to show all questions (when accessing LocaLoqa under a white label scope)
  11. Key-in keywrods to filter question listing with
  12. Click the map marker icon to show the location of this question on a popup static map snippet
  13. Click the location marker icon to move the location marker to the location of this question
  14. Click the Follow Question icon to follow/unfollow this question
  15. Click the Trash icon to delete this question (owner only)
  16. Click the Privacy icon to set the Quiet Period privacy policy of this question
  17. Click the Share icon to dispatch and share this question with others
  18. Click the Update icon to modify this question (owner only, time limited)
  19. Click the Answer icon to open the answer text editing area
  20. Click the question owner’s logo to set the question owner as the “Person Of Interest”


  1. Logo of the white label under whose scope the questions was originally added. Click on this white label logo will launch a new window/tab to the given white label’s LocaLoqa web site.
  2. The question owner’s logo. Click to show the Person Of Interest setting panel (see next)
  3. Personal Of Interest setting panel
  4. Question listing filter based on Person Of Interest (see the POI’s questions, or the questions the POI has responded on)


And finally, you can click on any of the listed question title to switch to the display of “Single Question Full Listing With Answers”

Add New Question In List Mode Display



  1. Click the Edit icon to open up the Add Question section in the List Mode Display
  2. Set the location marker at the location where the new question is to be placed
  3. Set the category, title, details, and expiry time frame of the new question, and then click “Add This Question” button to create the new question


Single Question Full Listing With Answers


This is where you get to see all the actual “actions” on one specific question.

You can click on the Answer icon right under the question itself, to respond directly to the question owner him/herself.

Or you can click on the Answer icon that comes under each listed answer of the question. In this case you are responding to the person who posted the given answer. This can be the question owner him/herself or some other LocaLoqa user.

Each answer shows the answering user, and the “answering to” user if not the question owner him/herself.

All the answer display are governed by the question quiet period privacy policy, and the answering user’s choice of revealing/hiding of the answer, and also on the user blockage status. And the answer display is also based on the visibility of a given answer as set by the answer’s owner, and the visibility of the 1-to-1 Q&A sub-thread of the answer as set by the owner.  So the listing of answers to a given question can be different for different users, and/or at different point of time. All for the best of user privacy and communication flexibility.

Here’s the main elements seen on an answer page:


  1. The answering user (answer’s owner)
  2. The receiving user (the user that the answer is targeted for). This user and the answering user together form a 1-to-1 Q&A sub-thread with the full Q&A thread of the given question.
  3. Icon indicating a hidden answer, from all others except the receiving user.
  4. Icon indicating a non-private 1-to-1 Q&A sub-thread.
  5. Icon indicating a non-hidden answer.
  6. Icon indicating a private 1-to-1 sub-thread, i.e. all the Q&As for the given question between this user and the receiving user are hidden from all others.
  7. Click this icon to rate the given answer.
  8. Click this icon to flag the given answer.
  9. Click this icon to block the given answering user.


User Account Setting

The user account setting section is display by checking on the User Account Setting icon at the lower right corner in Map Display Mode.




Once the icon is clicked on, the User Account Setting section will be displayed below the Map section (picture below). You can toggle the User Account Setting section display, i.e. click the icon again to hide the section display.


Here you can check your account settings displayed at the left portion of, or use the right portion fields to update your account name, e-mail, password. You can also activate/de-activate the new question alert, and set up the alert trigger filters such as the question categories, the scan range, and also the question’s associated white label.

LocaLoqa White Label Brand Setup

LocaLoqa white label brand is the easiest and quickest way for businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs to add an online map/location-based Q&A facility that carries the biz/org/entrepreneur’s brand name and logo. Each LocaLoqa white label brand has its own unique web site address in the form of “https://localoqa.com/@ABC” where ABC is the name of the given white label brand.

It takes just 2 minutes to create and own your LocaLoqa white label brand. You can upload your brand logo which will be displayed right on your LocaLoqa white label web site entry screen along with your brand name.

Unregistered visitors or registered LocaLoqa users arriving at a given LocaLoqa white label web site will be set to be under the scope of the given white label, i.e. users will by default see only the questions/answers that were associated with the given white label. This is the way the LocaLoqa white label owners can deploy his/her LocaLoqa white label web site to build up the brand’s own Q&A community. It is a niche online territory easily created yet does require the cultivation and caring by the white label owner him/herself.

Even though the above description of LocaLoqa white label may make it sound like a walled garden”, in reality the users are NOT totally confined to be white label scope. User can check the “See WLs” checkbox to find out other white label brands in the scan area, or user can check the “See All” to get all (any white label, or non white label associated) questions/answers in the scan area. The flexibility is practical and necessary, while the white labels still have the advantage of being the default scope upon initial arrival at the white label’s LocaLoqa web site.

The white label brand owners are encouraged to promote their own LocaLoqa white brand (web site) in order to populate their own LocaLoqa community for marketing or social networking purposes. All white label brands are welcome to refer to the LocaLOqa reference materials available online, such as this blog article.

Adding White Label Brand

User can create and own a LocaLoqa white label brand by setting the white label name, category, and descriptions, then click the “Add & Own White Label” button to create and own the new LocaLoqa white label brand.


User can then click on the “Refresh” button to see the result of the new white label brand addition. The new white label information will be displayed in green fonts. The new white label brand LocaLoqa web site link is displayed and can be clicked to open up the white label’s LocaLoqa web page for verification.

There is also the HTML code that functions to display the white label’s logo (if ready) which can be clicked to show the white label’s LocaLoqa web page. The white label owner can copy/paste this HTML code to places where he/she wants to deploy this LocaLoqa white label logo/link.user_account_setting_wl_1

The white label information also include the statistics of questions/answers that come under the given white label scope, so that the owner can see the activity status of his/her  white label LocaLoqa community.

On the right hand side portion, with green background, are the fields where white label owner can update the white label related account information.


User can upload the user profile picture, and the white label brand logo, and additional pictures that can be attached to questions/answers. There’s a limit to the number of additional pictures allowed for each user. Recycled usage of the limited picture quota is recommended.



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