LocaLoqa Two Minutes Pitch

  • LocaLoqa enables questions with high location relevance and visibility
  • Answering questions on LocaLoqa leads to direct and focused one-to-one connectivity.
  • Answering questions on LocaLoqa translates to the accumulation and deployment of your own online content and online reputation.
  • LocaLoqa white label branding lets businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs establish their online Q&A community. New white label ready in 5 minutes with its own globally accessible LocaLoqa white label web page.
  • Each LocaLoqa white label brand community is an independently owned online territory for the brand owner’s cultivation. It works effectively and succeeds within the white label’s specific locale and scale.
  • LocaLoqa facilitates multiple concurrent unique one-to-one Q&A threads on a given question with highly flexible and practical thread privacy DIY control by both the questioning and the answering party.
  • Private one-to-one Q&A thread can be re-opened to merge back to public thread discussions.
  • User can compile his/her own “Answerer’s Portfolio” which can be published and shared, and becomes the user’s online content asset contributing to his/her online reputation.
  • LocaLoqa white label brand owner promotes his/her own white label within his/her own sphere of influence, and to the client circle.
  • Private Q&A generates more new and potential leads beyond the hassle and pressure of e-mailing exchanges
  • Finally, be the first LocaLoqa white label in your town, or in your industry (Cliche: Never get left behind or left out)

One thought on “LocaLoqa Two Minutes Pitch

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