A Tool To Stop Buyer Leakage And To Speed Up Your Property Sale

ani_PP_2xFor all property (sale) owners out there

Let’s face it, if your property for sale is in good condition, sitting in a nice neighborhood, priced with reasonable amount, it will surely be sold sooner or later, higher or lower, anyhow.

Of course we all want it to be sooner and higher!

Now as all property sales are contract based, with legal binding on the “facts” carried on the contract, there are very few things a property owner can or should do to change the facts. What the property owner should focus on is his/her pricing strategy, and the reaching of potential buyers to help them make their offer decision quick and comfortably.

Most property buyers go to Zillow or Redfin or Realtir or Trulia to browse for interesting properties first. And to get really serious they’d often need to ask a few questions to decide if it’s worth to pursue further.

You Are Losing Good Potential Buyers Unknowingly

From a buyer’s point of view, there are two things that slows down his/her overall decision process in pursuing a property of interest, namely the (listing) agent to contact, and the communication mechanism, the e-mail.  E-mailing with an unknown agent takes some consideration, as many buyers are reluctant to give away their email address as such, worrying that they will become the target of non-stop promotion e-mails down the road.

So for the couple of questions that needed clarification before making the dive in or not” decision, how should you as a buyer proceed, if not e-mailing an unknown agent? How about reach out to the seller directly? Do you have their contact or e-mail address? Would the seller respond to the cold e-mail? Imagine how many potential buyers had dropped out from the pursuit of your property simply because of the communication issue.

“It is not the property itself, it is that they (buyers) cannot easily find someone trustworthy to talk about the property, and most of them simply stopped right there”

Ideal Approach To Stop The “Buyer Leakage”

Now what if the property owner has a dedicated place online specifically for his/her property, where he/she can (choose to) respond to questions regarding the property from various buyers? And what if each of these Q&A threads can be managed easily as public allowing 3rd party participation in discussion, or as strict 1-to-1 private exchange?

Surely the property owner needs to be careful in responding to the questions from various buyers, as all information provided can drive the potential buyers one way or the other. But that’s really the point isn’t it? One way or the other the buyers will decide, as long as they are making the decision quick and comfortably. As a property owner you know that you’ll never get 100% inquirers as offering buyers. The point is to get to reach them all, not to have many of them quietly dropped out of the process due to communication difficulties, and bring forward the positive buyers with additional supporting information encouraging them to move on to the offering stage quickly and comfortably.

There’s nothing to lose as the property owner by opening up to your potential buyers. There are only buyers that you will definitely lose unknowingly if you stay with the conventional “waiting for the big fish” mentality and approach. Remember that early stage Q&A helps your buyers make their offer decision quick, be either yes or no. Either way that’s good for you too, to focus and move ahead on the more assured buyers.

(Just as a proof of point, try Google search on “want to contact the seller directly” and see for yourself the large number of real world property buyers who are having the same thought on their mind)

And Here’s The Tool

With that, I’m going to tell you about the “PropertyOwners” white label service on LocaLoqa.com ( https://LocaLoqa.com/@PropertyOwners ) which is the tool that will let you do all the unconventional open-to-your-buyers thing. By the service title “PropertyOwners” it indicates a place where property owners stand next to their properties (online, on map) readily awaiting for Q&A from any potential buyers with questions to be clarified on given properties.

So if you as a property owner have listed your property on Zillow, realtor, Trulia, and etc., make sure you also add the property on the LocaLoqa “PropertyOwners” service  in order to get free dedicated Q&A page for your property, and then add the link of this dedicated Q&A page back to your other listing sites (Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, …) so that all interested buyers can follow the link to come to your dedicated property Q&A page for specific discussions.

Here are what exactly “PropertyOwners” as a tool provides the property owners with:

  • Registration of personal account
  • Verify the property ownership
  • Claim the ownership of the property already pre-created (by the service) on map, or
  • Create and place the sale property on map
  • Access the dedicated Q&A page of the property
  • Announce the property ownership (account) on the dedicated property Q&A page
  • Respond to questions from potential buyers on the dedicated property Q&A page
  • Set the Q&A threads as public or private based on the nature of specific discussions
  • Receive alert of new questions on the dedicated property Q&A page


And here are the 1-2-3 steps of starting usage of the free “PropertyOwners” service:

  1. Sign up your LocaLoqa account at “https://LocaLoqa.com
  2. Confirm your registration (e-mail)
  3. Sign in to the LocaLoqa PropertyOwners service ( https://LocaLoqa.com/@PropertyOwners )
  4. Go to your property location on the LocaLoqa map to see if your property has already been pre-created and exists
  5. If your property does not exist, then create your property (as a Q&A) at your property exact location, with all essential property information, i.e.
    • Price
    • Address
    • Bedrooms, bathrooms, sqft or acrage
    • Text of link to the official listing page (e.g. realtor.com, zillow.com, redfin.com, etc.) of your property
  6. Verify your property information correctness
  7. Switch from map mode to list mode to see the dedicated Q&A page of your property
  8. Announce (i.e. add a response) that you are the owner of the given property and you are open to receive/respond to questions from interested buyers
  9. Visit your dedicated property Q&A page from time to time (or by receiving new questions alert) to see and respond to new questions
  10. Set the 1-to-1 discussion thread between you and a specific user (buyer) as private if necessary due to the nature of the discussion. By default all Q&A threads are public and open to others’ participation in discussion.
  11. Copy the web link of your dedicated property Q&A page and share it with others in various social media context of yours, and also add this Q&A link as additional information in your property’s official listing page (e.g. realtor.com, zillow.com, readfin.com, forsalebyowner.com, etc.)
  12. For any question or issue, contact localoqa@gmail.com for quick support


And that’s all about the “PropertyOwners” service at LocaLoqa.com. Your very next shining and sharp tool for the quick and satisfying sale of your property – all originated with your dedicated effort of nice and fair Q&A with your potential buyers!

Best luck to your most important deal in your life time!

A Very Happy and Satisfying Sale For You And Your Buyer!

– YJ


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