And You Ask : What and Why LocaLoqa?

ani_PP_2xHi, a big welcome from YJ – builder of the LocaLoqa.

First of all, much thanks for arriving at this page!  In here I will tell you about the LocaLoqa, and hope that it will be enough to bring you over to the actual LocaLoqa site afterwards for a real checkout.

So let’s start…

What LocaLoqa Is

LocaLoqa is the location based (with Google Map) Q&A that differentiates itself from the others online Q&As by:

  • Varieties of interactive map location based usages
  • Unique Q&A privacy DIY policy control, ranging from
    • One-to-one pair closed Q&A, to
    • Public open thread Q&A
    • Q&A Quiet period control
    • Answer visibility control
    • Thread visibility control
    • Questions flagging
    • User blocking
  • New question/response notification trigger with scan radius + personalized filters
  • 2-minutes to start business/organization’s own global white label LocaLoqa brand

Why LocaLoqa

“I Have A Question!”

Approximately six months ago I took up interest in searching for listed vacant lands in the New England area, and soon came upon one particular property near Schenectady, NY.

This piece of land is quite interesting from my perspective: upscale neighborhood, easy freeway accesses, large acreage, varieties of terrain features, plus partial waterfront! The asking price is not unreasonable, and the tax is “just” that standard New York state high property tax rate. Did my county/city tax and zoning checking, also checked off the flood zone on FEMA! All seemed good.

Still, the property had been on market for more than 5 months by that time, and had twice price reduction more than 10% already. The property listing carried hundreds of views and was the favorite of many users, as shown on Redfin and Zillow, yet it was STILL WAITING FOR A BUYER after almost one year by now.

As a potential property buyer, you’d wonder what is stopping this property from being sold quickly? Something’s wrong then? And what is it?  Guess work and questions – need to talk to somebody about this property…

Who Has A Good Answer?

There are many questions that I’d wanted to ask about this land, and yes I did ask. I did start emailing with agents via Redfin and Zillow, plus agents from local brokerages. But I wasn’t quite sure if I was communicating with the best agents for this particular property, plus most agents were not too “hot” on emails – without qualifying me first as a real potential lead.

Soon I realized that I need to get to communicate with people who know well about this land first-hand, not just the agents. Perhaps people who’d been living nearby the location over the years. Perhaps I can get them to share some insights on this property. Even better, what if I can find a way to have my questions “reach” the seller, and to get some answers per the seller’s discretion? That will be great for sure! I needed some questions answered before moving further in my decision process on this property and I need to find a way to achieve this.

Reaching Those With Answers

Of course all these thinking was just what it was – wishful thinking. There’s no easy way for me to get to the property seller directly, nor any easy way for me to reach local folks that can and may kindly share their insights on the property. The only thing specifically available and common in this matter, between myself and the parties that I wished to connect with is – the property location – its latitude + longitude, not even the MLS number.

Now you can guess well why the LocaLoqa map based Q&A has come into existence.

From my wishful thinking I decided to move ahead to build a facility where questions may be placed on specific locations on map, and to open up for responses with practical privacy control. LocaLoqa was designed from day one to work as a new niche tool for the real estate industry – buyers, sellers, brokers, agents, and local gurus all included.

And going beyond the real estate industry, LocaLoqa will serve as effectively to many other industries/purposes as well!

Click this link of LocaLoqa User Guide : for sign-up, login, and usage of LocaLoqa


How LocaLoqa Makes The Difference

By True Location

When people talk about online Q&A, the famous ones come to mind are the Quora ,the Reddit, and the Nextdoor. Quora and Reddit do not provide features with location-specific support, while Nextdoor verifies your postal address and confines you to Q&A of your hyperlocal community boundary.

All these services go with traditional text mode Q&A, with minimal map location support. With these services, conveying the exactness of non-postal-address location via the text mode is rather ineffective and inconvenient (that people have to go over to a map to figure out the non-postal-address location that you’re trying to tell about, even if you did give the location latitude/longitude).

Surely you can ask about questions about Yosemite national park in general, but how about questions on one specific creek curve, a stretch of a trail, the slope of a road segment with icy condition, or even a climbing rock in that park? The example may be overly simplified, but you get the point.

Of course I do concede that, LOTS of questions on Q&A services are not location related. Also LOTS of questions can go by with postal address, thus may not require a map or latitude/longitude for exact location specification. Given that, there are still LOTS of questions that NEED to get to the non-postal-address locations exactly, and there’s no facility so far addressing such needs.

Recently Google Map started to provide Q&A for Google Place businesses (those verified with business identity and postal address location). This is great for those registered Google Place businesses, but it certainly DOES NOT cover the rest huge domain of no-postal-address locations. Put it simply – what if you’ve got a question about a location where there’s no registered Google Place business? Or if you’re NOT asking about the Google Place business, rather your question is about something else “at that location”? The Google Map Q&A won’t help in many these cases.

A true location is defined in the simplest form of latitude + longitude, NOT by its occupying entity’s public identity, NOR should be limited by the postal address specification. We need a Q&A service where people can ask questions and get answers about non-postal-address true locations!


Meaningfully Local And Practical Privacy

Q&As and forums such as Quora or Reddit are open and global, i.e. they do NOT let you define/confine your questions’ “reach” in terms of physical distance AND privacy (visibility). A local question does not find its suitable place easily on Quora or Reddit. These Q&A services may imitate the Craigslist to split their discussions into hundreds, if not thousands, of cities across the states. And still a 100 meter resolution sort of questions won’t find a good fit nor a quick “descending on” using the location directory of text mode Q&As.

“A true local and location based Q&A needs to avoid using artificial location partitioning. Instead it needs to “leave the ground open” for exploration by the users themselves in their own terms – spanning across the map with their own scan radius range.

LocaLoqa lets you explore and focus on questions within your selected scan range, along with filters such as questions categories, keywords, white labels, ages, popularity, and etc.  New question alerts are also similarly managed.

In terms of privacy, LocaLoqa lets you set the quiet period for the correspondence between you and any responding person, such that you two’s conversations remain invisible to third party during the quiet period – so as to keep the conversations private with disturbance. There are lots of good reasons or preferences for the quiet period, and you can always DIY to set/change it to be no-quite-period, or forever-quite-period, or anything in-between. QnA_threadsIn addition to the quiet period, LocaLoqa users can also control the visibility of their specific answers, and the visibility of any 1-to-1 Q&A sub-thread. This means that you can hide/reveal any specific answer of yours, and you can also hide/reveal all the Q&A between you and another specific user within a given question’s Q&A full thread.

LocaLoqa White Label Brands

Obviously the type of questions that can benefit most by using LocaLoqa are those that are highly location relevant, or those that are hard to associate with business/organization identities and/or postal addresses.

There are many industries, businesses, organizations, groups, that need to provide such a true location-based Q&A facility for their users, clients, or members. They need the LocaLoqa Q&A for their various relevant topics, situations, events, activities, and etc. LocaLoqa provides the LocaLoqa White Label Brand for businesses, organizations, and groups with such need. You can read more about the White Label Brand in the LocaLoqa User Guide.

Other than accepting businesses, organizations, groups registration for LocaLoqa white label brand, we’ve also pre-created an extensive list of LocaLoqa white labels without specific biz/org/group branding that any registered LocaLoqa user can readily start to utilize in raising his/her questions with the question category of those pre-created LocaLoqa white labels. See the current pre-created LocaLoqa white label directory here.


Click this link to see how “LocaLoqa Rewires Property Business Connectivity”